Listen to your gut

I listened to my gut and it told me that if I want to travel, I should travel. No more putting things off (indefinitely I mean) and no more excuses. If I want it I need to go for it – so I am!

Listening to your gut, or intuition or self awareness, whatever you chose to call it is so important. You can learn a lot about yourself and gain loads of confidence by not only listening but following your intuition as it leads you on the right path.


This wall isn’t wrong…

This is also important when planning travel. You know yourself best and while it’s always best practice to try new things and stretch your boundaries, you know what your limits are and busting those limits while travelling might pay off into some great experiences but it’s a risky game as it might also backfire.

Me personally? I know that although I want to stay cheap and meet new people, staying in a backpackers hostel would spell disaster for me. I’m an introvert who needs my own private space and silence to unwind. Without time and space for that I am cranky and miserable and generally don’t even enjoy my favourite pastimes.

So although some of the most prevalent advice about travel is to throw out your plan and make decisions day by day on the road, I know the anxiety of that uncertainty would dampen my fun. So I’m going to listen to my gut to make sure I get the best kind of experience that’s right for me.

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